Jackson Hole Fishing Tips

2022 Jackson Hole Fishing Tips for Summer

We start fishing the area rivers as soon as the snow pack melts and the high water conditions subside. We concentrate on the upper sections of local rivers to find the clean, clear water that trout fishing requires.

The Green River often clears first in our area, and we fish fly patterns that match the early season hatches of stonefly’s and caddis. These include stimulators, Turk’s tarantula’s, large foam flies, and stonefly nymphs, in yellow and orange colors.

Caddis patterns with elk hair in yellow and tan colors, along with beadhead nymphs used in a two fly, dropper system work also.

Big streamer flies thrown with stiff  6 wt fly rods can attract the larger trout. We can show you what patterns we prefer the day of your guided trip.

For the spin rod angler we prefer rooster tails and Jake’s stream-a-lures. Bright colors to get attention, as well as standard black, brown and trout colors work well, in the 1/6 and 1/4 oz size.

We have specific areas we cast to, and a day on the water with an experienced Teton Troutfitter guide will help you understand this trout habitat.

2022 Jackson Hole Fishing Tips for Fall

The Snake River is where it’s at for fall fishing and Teton Troutfitter guides head for the whitewater section in September.

We fish self-bailing rafts for safety and set them up with custom fishing frames for comfort and fishing success. The excitement of fast moving water, fall colors and hungry trout all come together at this time of year.

These waters can be treacherous, and Teton Troutfitter guides train and practice on them constantly, to keep up with changing conditions.

We fly fish the whitewater with high floating foam patterns that can trigger aggressive feeding in trout. The colors the trout like can change daily and that’s where the  Teton Troutfitter guides expertise pays off. We have spent many years accumulating this knowledge and we gladly share it with you to ensure your success on the water.

We have Forest Service fishing permits for this unique water and our experience and specialized equipment really put Teton Troutfitters ahead of all others.

Come and try this incredible,uncrowded fishery this fall and see for yourself why Teton Troutfitters guides spend so much time there, both guiding and for personal fishing.